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Yarn Sales This Week

Please see last week's comments for some updates (many sales still relevant.)

A first for this project: I noticed the yarn I bought at Michael's last week on sale is even cheaper this week.

Someone at AC Moore doesn't seem to know their Wool Ease. I don't think they differentiated between Thick and Quick and Chunky (FYI: There is a difference.)

Is there a demand to post sales at Ben Franklin?

Please comment with your corrections, additions and other nifty sales that do not fit within the boundaries of the official project.

Here are the sales:

Jo-Ann December 26, 2006 - January 11, 2007:

Same as last week.

Hobby Lobby January 1-6, 2007:

(Regular prices unknown at this time)
Yarn Bee, Mosaic Twist: $1.99
Yarn Bee, Paradox: $1.99
Yarn Bee, Airy Eyelash: $1.99
Yarn Bee, Infatuation: $1.99
Yarn Bee, Featherwisp: $1.99
Yarn Bee, Glitzy Girl: $1.99
Red Heart, Symphony: $1.99
Caron, Simply Soft: 99 cents, reg. $1.27.
Lion Brand, Lion Wool - 30% off
Caron, Felt-It - 30% off

none :(

Michaels December 24-30, 2006

(Regular prices unknown for some at this time)

Bernat, Boa: $2, reg. $4.99
Bernat, Bling Bling: $2
Bernat, Matrix: $1
Patons, Twister: $2
Lion Brand, Fancy Fur: $1
Moda Dea, Fur Ever: $2
Patons, Carmen: $2, reg. $5.99
Patons, Ci Ci: $2, reg. $5.99
Moda Dea, Cache: $2, reg. $5.99
Patons, Cha Cha: $2, reg. $4.99
Lion Brand, Incredible: $2

50% off one regularly priced item

Hancock Fabrics December 14, 2006 - January 3, 2007

Same as last week.

AC Moore December 30, 2006 - January 6, 2007


Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky/Thick and Quick (?): $4.69, reg. $4.99
Patons, Divine: 2 for $5, reg. $4.49 each
Red Heart, Super Saver: $1.79, reg. $2.17
Lion Brand, Fancy Fur: $1.99, reg. $4.58
Bernat, Satin: $1.99, reg. $2.49
Moda Dea, Jai Alai: 2 for $4, reg. 4.82 each
Lion Brand, Pound of Love: $5.69, reg. $6.69
Yarn Mill Ends: $4.99, reg. $5.99

none :(

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Just had to say, "Yarn Bee, Mosaic Twist: $1.99" is a great yarn for a good deal. It retails like $8 for 80 yards, which sucks, but at $2 its very nice. Its wool/cotton/polyamide off of the top of my head, but its very pretty and feels nice.
I agree. Mosaic Twist rocks.
I would love to see the Ben Franklin sales. :)
Our BF isn't nearly as nice as the one in Evansville, IN (about 1hr away, which has all the rest, except AC Moore), but as our local yarn stores are BF, Wal-Mart, and the next town south has an IYS, I'd like to see the BF ads, for comparison.
Independent Yarn Store. Aka, non-chain. This one in particular is Shirley's Sewing Stuff,
Oh, I get it. I had a NSLYS in Florida (not so local yarn store)
Knit n' Knibble