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yarnsaleproject's Journal

The Yarn Sale Project
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This is something that has been floating around in my head. The Yarn Sale Project.

Every week (or sometimes every other week) my favorite craft stores put out sales circulars with coupons. Usually there are several items discounted. My goal is to track, from now until the end of 2007, what yarns are on sale each week at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jo-Ann and Hancock Fabrics and what coupons (that can be used on yarn) they offer. After I'm done, I will compile the info in a spreadsheet or some other form. The goal is to look for patterns and see when the discounts repeat themselves. I'm hoping it will reduce my tendency to say "Wow! Only 99 cents. I'll buy 20 skeins and figure out what to do with them later. This is too good to pass up." I'll be less likely to do this, if I know the yarn will be on sale again in a couple of months.

I'm going to post each week in my livejournal and here the sales each week. They will be tagged "Yarn Sale Project" in my personal journal (sally_unraveled) so you can search for them in my journal.

I'll be focusing on in-store specials.

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